Memorials of the Faithful
Mírzá Muṣṭafá Naráqí / Zaynu’l-Muqarrabín
of his Lord. Blessedness be his, and a goodly home.1 To him be tidings of great joy, from the Lord of Lords. May God grant him an exalted station, in that high Company.
This distinguished man was one of the greatest of all the Báb’s companions and all the loved ones of Bahá’u’lláh. When he lived under Islám, he was already famed for his purity and holiness of life. He was talented and highly accomplished in many directions. He was the leader and spiritual exemplar of the entire population of Najaf-Ábád, and the eminent of that area showed him unbounded respect. When he spoke out, his was the deciding opinion; when he passed judgment, it took effect; for he was known to all as the standard, and the authority of last resort.
He had no sooner learned of the Báb’s Declaration than he cried out from the depths of his heart, “O our Lord! we have indeed heard the voice of one that called. He called us to the Faith—‘Believe ye on your Lord’—and we have believed.”2 He rid himself of all impeding veils; his doubts dispelled, he began to extol and glorify the Beauty promised from of old. In his own home, and at Iṣfahán, he became
1 Cf. Qur’án 13:29.
2 Qur’án 3:193.