The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Questions and Answers
the husband, except what is proven to have been gifts to the wife.
79Question:Concerning the criterion of justness when proving some matter dependent on the testimony of two just witnesses.
Answer:The criterion of justness is a good reputation among the people. The testimony of all God’s servants, of whatever faith or creed, is acceptable before His Throne.
80Question:If the deceased hath not settled his obligation to Ḥuqúqu’lláh, nor paid his other debts, are these to be discharged by proportionate deductions from the residence, personal clothing and the rest of the estate, or are the residence and personal clothing set aside for the male offspring, and consequently the debts must be settled from the rest of the estate? And if the rest of the estate is insufficient for this purpose, how should the debts be settled?
Answer:Outstanding debts and payments of Ḥuqúq should be settled from the remainder of the estate, but if this is insufficient for the purpose, the shortfall should be met from his residence and personal clothing.
81Question:Should the third Obligatory Prayer be offered while seated or standing?
Answer:It is preferable and more fitting to stand in an attitude of humble reverence.
82Question:Concerning the first Obligatory Prayer