The Kitáb-i-Aqdas : The Most Holy Book
Questions and Answers
74Question:Concerning the definition of old age.
Answer:To the Arabs it denoteth the furthest extremity of old age, but for the people of Bahá it is from the age of seventy.
75Question:Concerning the limit of fasting for someone travelling on foot.
Answer:The limit is set at two hours. If this is exceeded, it is permissible to break the Fast.
76Question:Concerning observance of the Fast by people engaged in hard labour during the month of fasting.
Answer:Such people are excused from fasting; however, in order to show respect to the law of God and for the exalted station of the Fast, it is most commendable and fitting to eat with frugality and in private.
77Question:Do ablutions performed for the Obligatory Prayer suffice for the ninety-five repetitions of the Greatest Name?
Answer:It is unnecessary to renew the ablutions.
78Question:Concerning clothes and jewellery which a husband may have purchased for his wife: are these to be distributed, after his death, amongst his heirs, or are they specially for the wife?
Answer:Aside from used clothing, whatever there may be, jewellery or otherwise, belongeth to