The Summons of the Lord of Hosts
Súriy-i-Haykal :: Náṣiri’d-Dín Sháh
of Baṭḥá19 hath overflowed with water and the darkness separating earth and heaven hath been dispelled.”
254“Have ye forbidden”, they were asked, “that which God hath made lawful, or allowed that which He hath forbidden?” “We were the first to follow the divine commandments”, he answered. “We are the root and origin of His Cause, the beginning of all good and its end. We are the sign of the Ancient of Days and the source of His remembrance amongst the nations.”
255They were asked: “Have ye forsaken the Qur’án?” “In our House”, he replied, “did the All-Merciful reveal it. We are the breezes of the All-Glorious amidst His creation. We are the streams that have branched out from the Most Great Ocean, through which God hath revived the earth, and through which He shall revive it again after it hath died. Through us His signs have been diffused, His proofs revealed, and His tokens disclosed. With us is the knowledge of His hidden meanings and His untold mysteries.”
256“For what crime have ye been punished?” they were asked. “For our love of God”, he made reply, “and for our detachment from aught else save Him.”
257We have not related his exact words—peace be upon him!—but rather have We imparted a sprinkling from that ocean of life eternal that lieth enshrined within them, that those who hearken thereunto may be quickened and made aware of what hath befallen the trusted ones of God at the hands of a lost and wayward
19 Mecca.