The Summons of the Lord of Hosts
Súriy-i-Haykal :: Náṣiri’d-Dín Sháh
Luminary of the horizon of inner meanings. The names of all these divines have been mentioned in the books of old; among them are Wahb ibn-i-Ráhib, Ka‘b-ibn-i-Ashraf, ‘Abdu’lláh-i-Ubayy, and others of their like.
244Finally, matters came to such a pass that these men took counsel together and conspired to shed His pure blood, even as God—glorified be His mention!—saith: “And remember when the disbelievers schemed against Thee, that they might lay hold upon Thee, or slay Thee, or cast Thee out; and so they schemed, and God schemed, and God, verily, is the best of schemers.”[38] Again He saith: “But if their opposition be grievous to Thee—if Thou canst, seek out an opening into the earth or a ladder into heaven and bring to them a sign; yet if God wished, He could gather them unto true guidance; be Thou not, then, of the ignorant.”[39] By God! The hearts of His favoured ones are consumed at the purport of these two blessed verses. Such established and undisputed facts have been forgotten, and no one hath paused to reflect, in days past or in this day, upon the things that have prompted men to turn away from the Revealers of the light of God at the time of their manifestation.
245Likewise, before the appearance of the Seal of the Prophets, consider Jesus, the Son of Mary. When that Manifestation of the All-Merciful revealed Himself, all the divines charged that Quintessence of faith with impiety and rebellion. Eventually, with the sanction of Annas, the most learned of the divines of His day, and Caiaphas, the high priest, His blessed person was made