Epistle to the Son of the Wolf
have clung unto that which is the cause of humiliation and injury.
And likewise, He saith: “Recognize Him by His verses. The greater your neglect in seeking to know Him, the more grievously will ye be veiled in fire.” O ye among the people of the Bayán that have turned aside from Me! Ponder upon these most sublime words, that have proceeded from the wellspring of the utterance of Him Who is the Point of Knowledge. Hearken ye, at this moment, unto these words. He saith: “On that Day, the Daystar of Truth will address the people of the Bayán and will recite this Súrih of the Qur’án: ‘Say: O ye unbelievers! I worship not that which ye worship, and ye do not worship that which I worship. I shall never worship that which ye worship, neither will ye worship that which I worship. To you be your religion, to Me My religion.’” Gracious God! Notwithstanding these lucid statements, and these shining and luminous tokens all are occupied with their vain imaginings, and are unaware of, and veiled from, the Desired One. O ye that have gone astray! Awake from the sleep of heedlessness, and give ear unto these words of My Forerunner. He saith: “The tree of affirmation, by turning aside from Him, is accounted as the tree of denial, and the tree of denial, by turning towards Him, is accounted as the tree of affirmation.” And likewise, He saith: “Should anyone lay claim unto a