The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Synopsis and Codification
ix.To be persevering
x.To be detached
xi.To be absolutely submissive to the Will of God
xii.Not to stir up mischief
xiii.Not to be hypocritical
xiv.Not to be proud
xv.Not to be fanatical
xvi.Not to prefer one’s self to one’s neighbour
xvii.Not to contend with one’s neighbour
xviii.Not to indulge one’s passions
xix.Not to lament in adversity
xx.Not to contend with those in authority
xxi.Not to lose one’s temper
xxii.Not to anger one’s neighbour
r.To be closely united
s.To consult competent physicians when ill
t.To respond to invitations
u.To show kindness to the kindred of the Founder of the Faith
v.To study languages for the furtherance of the Faith
w.To further the development of cities and countries for the glorification of the Faith
x.To restore and preserve the sites associated with the Founders of the Faith