Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas
Volume III
but confirmation and assistance became not their supports and helpers. Consequently their endeavors ended in being without result and the tree of their hope without fruit.
Thou hast written regarding the language of Esperanto. This language will be spread and universalized to a certain degree, but later on a language more complete than this, or the same language will undergo some changes and alterations and will be adopted and become universal. I hope that Dr. Zamenhof become assisted by the invisible confirmation and do a great service to the world of humanity.
O thou maid-servant of God! Whatsoever question thou hast in thy heart, turn thou thy heart toward the Kingdom of Abha and entreat in the Threshold of the Almighty and reflect upon that problem, then unquestionably the light of truth shall dawn and the reality of that problem will become evident and clear to thee. For the teachings of His Highness Baha’o’llah are the keys to all the doors. Every hidden secret will become discovered and every hidden mystery will become manifest and apparent.***
O thou who art rejoicing by the Glad-tidings of God!
The contents of thy letter clearly show that thou art drawn by the love of God, pondering over the Cause of God and that the cover hath been removed from off thine eyes.
I ask God to shower down upon thee a heavenly blessing; to make thee to serve His Cause and attain His good pleasure; to teach thee that which thou knewest