Invitation Cards
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There are two card types available – one for Devotional Meetings, and the other which is generic and can be used to invite people to many types of event (e.g. study circles, parties, firesides etc.).
Below are images of the face of each card, and below these an image of the obverse of these cards. Links to the .pdf file are under each card image, and can be saved to your hard drive by right-clicking the link and choosing the option to save to your computer. There are 12 cards to a page. If you are one of the very few who do not have a reader for .pdf files (whether “Adobe Acrobat Reader” or any other PDF capable program), “Adobe Acrobat Reader” can be downloaded for free from the Adobe site.
When printing, it is recommended that a good card is used, around 160 to 200 gsm (give or take, depending on what your printer will take, but thicker is better) – this will give a better appearance, be less likely to be thrown away before the event, greatly reduce the chance that the card will be crumpled or destroyed through handing, and inhibit the print showing through to the other side of the page that occurs when printing on normal 80 gsm paper; your sense of refinement will guide you in your choice of printing material. As well, it is recommended that in the print dialogue presented by “Adobe Acrobat Reader” (or by any other PDF capable program) the “Page Scaling” is set to ‘None’—leaving it at the default of ‘Fit to Printer Margins’ will reduce the final printed size. When printing, watch that the printer does not leave lines without ink across the page; depending on your printer, they may need to be printed at a higher print quality than ‘Standard’. Once printed, just a good set of scissors...
If, instead of having the cards printed with the default pastel green background you prefer to print on uncoloured card or any other coloured printing material, a second link to .pdf documents without the green background will be seen at the bottom of the page. These files are also recommended if printing in gray-scale rather than colour.
Happy inviting :)
Devotional Meeting Card image
Devotional Meeting card
Generic Meeting Card image
Generic Meeting card
Obverse Card image
Obverse of card
Devotional Meeting card – without the pale green background
Generic Meeting card – without the pale green background