Reality, Soul and
the Worlds of God
IV.   The Workshop of Interacting Souls
[Compiler: “The Workshop of Interacting Souls” is a continuation of the “Life Path of the Soul” in Section III. E., but emphasizing the macrocosmic repercussions and macrocosmic environment of souls’ lives interacting with each other.]
E.   God’s Purpose for Man in Fulfillment
2.   The Soul Responding through Prayer
f.   How the Heart Communicates
[from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh:]
1454.Recite ye the verses of God every morn and eventide. Whoso faileth to recite them hath not been faithful to the Covenant of God and His Testament, and whoso turneth away from these holy verses in this Day is of those who throughout eternity have turned away from God. Fear ye God, O My servants, one and all. Pride not yourselves on much reading of the verses or on a multitude of pious acts by night and day; for were a man to read a single verse with joy and radiance it would be better for him than to read with lassitude all the Holy Books of God, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. Read ye the sacred verses in such measure that ye be not overcome by languor and despondency. Lay not upon your souls that which will weary them and weigh them down, but rather what will lighten and uplift them, so that they may soar on the wings of the Divine verses towards the Dawning-place of His manifest signs; this will draw you nearer to God, did ye but comprehend.
(Bahá’u’lláh: The Kitáb-i-Aqdas, paragraph 149, pp. 73-74)
1455.Grant, I beseech Thee, O Thou Who art the Everlasting King and the Sovereign Protector of all men, that I may be enabled to manifest that which shall cause the hearts and souls of men to soar in the limitless immensity of Thy love, and to commune with Thy Spirit.
(Bahá’u’lláh: Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, Selection CLXII, p. 311)
1456.O Son of Light!
Forget all save Me and commune with My spirit. This is of the essence of My command, therefore turn unto it.
(Bahá’u’lláh: The Hidden Words, Arabic #16)
1457.At the dawn of every day he1 should commune with God, and with all his soul persevere in the quest of his Beloved.
(Bahá’u’lláh: The Kitáb-i-Íqán, paragraph 214, p. 179)
1(“the true seeker”…taking “the step of search in the path leading to the knowledge of the Ancient of Days”)
1458.….the meditation referred to in the words “One hour’s reflection is preferable to seventy years of pious worship” must needs be observed, so that the secret of the wretched behaviour of the people might be discovered, those people who, despite the love and yearning for truth which they profess, curse the followers of Truth when once He hath been made manifest.
(Bahá’u’lláh: The Kitáb-i-Íqán, paragraph 267, pp. 219-220)
1459.I have wakened this morning with my face set toward the splendors of the Day-Star of Thy Revelation, through Which the heavens of Thy power and Thy majesty have been illumined, acknowledging Thy signs, believing in Thy Book, and holding fast unto Thy Cord.
(Bahá’u’lláh: Prayers and Meditations, Selection CLVI, p. 249)
1460.Thou disappointest no one who hath sought Thee, nor dost Thou keep back from Thee any one who hath desired Thee.
(Bahá’u’lláh: Prayers and Meditations, Selection CLVI, p. 250)
[from the Writings or talks of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá:]
1461.In the darksome night of despair, my eye turneth expectant and full of hope to the morn of Thy boundless favor and at the hour of dawn my drooping soul is refreshed and strengthened in remembrance of Thy beauty and perfection. He whom the grace of Thy mercy aideth, though he be but a drop, shall become the boundless ocean, and the merest atom which the outpouring of Thy loving-kindness assisteth, shall shine even as the radiant star.
(‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Bahá’í Prayers (US edition), “Nearness to God” section, p. 134)
[from the talks of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá (no authority):]
1462.Turn your faces away from the contemplation of your own finite selves and fix your eyes upon the Everlasting Radiance; then will your souls receive in full measure the Divine Power of the Spirit and the Blessings of the Infinite Bounty.
(‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Paris Talks, ”“The Eleventh Principle—The Power of the Holy Spirit, 4 Avenue de Camoens, Paris, November 18th”, p. 166)
1463.Meditation is the key for opening the doors of mysteries. In that state man abstracts himself: in that state man withdraws himself from all outside objects; in that subjective mood he is immersed in the ocean of spiritual life and can unfold the secrets of things-in-themselves. To illustrate this, think of man as endowed with two kinds of sight; when the power of insight is being used the outward power of vision does not see.
 This faculty of meditation frees man from the animal nature, discerns the reality of things, puts man in touch with God.
 This faculty brings forth from the invisible plane the sciences and arts. Through the meditative faculty inventions are made possible, colossal undertakings are carried out; through it governments can run smoothly. Through this faculty man enters into the very Kingdom of God.
(‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Paris Talks, “Address by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá at the Friends’ Meeting House, St. Martin’s Lane, London, W.C., Sunday, January 12th, 1913”, p. 175)
1464.Turn to God, supplicate humbly at His threshold, seeking assistance and confirmation, that God may rend asunder the veils that obscure your vision. Then will your eyes be filled with illumination, face to face you will behold the reality of God and your heart become completely purified from the dross of ignorance, reflecting the glories and bounties of the Kingdom.
(‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Promulgation of Universal Peace, “29 August 1912, Talk at Home of Madame Morey, 34 Hillside Avenue, Malden, Massachusetts, Notes by Edna McKinney”, p. 293)
1465.The sweetest thing in this world is to obey strictly the commands of God and shun his prohibitions. Through this the attractions of the love of God will be created in human consciousness….For example, there is nothing sweeter in the world of existence than prayer. Men must live in a state of prayerfulness. The most blessed condition is the condition of prayer and supplication. Prayer is “conversation with God.” The greatest attainment or the sweetest state is no other than “conversation with God.” It creates spirituality, generates mindfulness and celestial feelings, begets the attraction of the Kingdom and engenders the susceptibilities of the higher intelligence. The highest attribute given to His Holiness Moses is the following verse: “God carried on a conversation with Moses.”
 What is prayer? It is “conversation with God.” While man prays he sees himself in the presence of God. If he concentrates his attention he will surely at the time of prayer realize that he is “conversing with God.” Often at night I do not sleep, and the thoughts of this world weigh heavily on my mind. I toss uneasily in my bed. Then in the darkness of the night I get up and say—“converse with God.” It is most sweet and uplifting. Prayer and supplication are so effective as to inspire one’s heart for the whole day with high ideas and supreme serenity and calmness. One’s heart must be sensitive to the music of prayer. He must feel the effect of prayer. He must not be like an organ from which softest notes stream forth without having consciousness of sensation in itself.
(Star of the West, Vol. 9, No. 9, “Words of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá regarding the importance of prayer”, pp. 103-104)
[from the Writings or talks of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá (no authority):]
1466.I now assure thee, O servant of God, that, if thy mind become empty and pure from every mention and thought and thy heart attracted wholly to the Kingdom of God, forget all else besides God and come in communion with the Spirit of God, then the Holy Spirit will assist thee with a power which will enable thee to penetrate all things, and a Dazzling Spark which enlightens all sides, a Brilliant Flame in the zenith of the heavens, will teach thee that which thou dost not know of the facts of the universe and of the divine doctrine. Verily, I say unto thee, every soul which ariseth today to guide others to the path of safety and infuse in them the Spirit of Life, the Holy Spirit will inspire that soul with evidences, proofs and facts and the lights will shine upon it from the Kingdom of God. Do not forget what I have conveyed unto thee from the breath of the Spirit. Verily, it is the shining morning and the rosy dawn which will impart unto thee the lights, reveal the mysteries and make thee competent in science, and through it the pictures of the Supreme World will be printed in thy heart and the facts of the secrets of the Kingdom of God will shine before thee.
(‘Abdu’l-Bahá in the compilation Bahá’í World Faith, p. 369)