Reality, Soul and
the Worlds of God
I.  Introduction to Reality
II.  Three Conditions of Existence in Reality
B. Deity, the Source Condition: Kingdom of the Essence of God
5. The Manifesting and Creating of Worlds
C. The Greater World: The Kingdom of the Manifestation of God
2. The Cause that God Manifests: His Divine Plan
D. Revelation: Originating in the Condition of Deity and Kingdom of Prophethood, Manifesting in Creation
E. The Lesser World, Servitude, Creation: The Kingdom of the Emanation of God
1. The Condition of Prophethood in Creation
III.  The Reality of the Soul – Understanding Your True Self
B. The Soul’s Why or Raison d’Être
C. to Know and to Love…
2. The “to Know and to ____” (fill in the Blank)
b. Obey
D. How Spirit Manifests
5. The Human Spirit: The Faculty of the Rational Soul
E. The Life Path of the Soul
2. The Soul’s Relationship with Creation
5. The Inner Life and How It Connects with the Outer
8. The Soul’s Pursuit of its Objectives and Highest Potentials
F. The Natures Attributed to Man and the Soul
2. The Intermediate or Human Nature
G. Mind and Knowledge in the Soul’s Activities
3. The Mind of Man and the Divine Nature’s Knowing Powers
4. Potentialities and Limitations of Human Knowing Powers
H. The Heart and the Love in the Soul’s Activities
I. The Soul as Man Reacts and Lives
5. Human Nature Aware only of Its Own World
IV.  The Workshop of Interacting Souls
B. “Worlds, Holy and Spiritually Glorious”, Traversed Progressively
5. Entrance into the Kingdom
C. Time: A Dimension of God’s Purpose
D. The Religion and the Revelator
E. God’s Purpose for Man in Fulfillment
2. The Soul Responding through Prayer