Bahá’í Documents in .pdf
A Collection Of Documents In .Pdf Format From The Bahá’í World Centre, National Spiritual Assemblies, Councils, Committees, And Various Individuals.
The content of the documents on this site have been primarily sourced from the Bahá’í Library Online. The comprehensiveness and completeness of the documents held at the Bahá’í Library Online is second to none, and is a most valuable resource for all.
This self is also highly indebted to the staff at the Bahá’í World Centre and to the staff at the National Office of the National Spiritual Assembly of Australia for their invaluable assistance and the time taken to deal with and answer this one’s queries where no hardcopy was held by this self against which to compare.
Noticing that there were only a limited number of documents available online in .pdf format, and finding that almost all of the versions available carried identical discrepancies and differences, this one decided to begin the process of making available in .pdf format as many of the Texts and documents available in English, beginning with the numerous compilations, and to proof-read and correct these documents in the process. There is still, however, no assurance that these documents are 100% correct; regardless the discrepancies already corrected, there will be without doubt others as yet unnoticed.
Some of these .pdf's are already hosted at the Bahá’í Library Online, linked from the relevant HTML file. Due solely to this one’s health and other circumstances, there are many that are not yet held there. This site is thus an attempt, meager as it is, to still make these documents available, in the hope that one day this one’s situation may change and that he may be able to continue as previously.
Though kept simple at this first release, with time and the expansion of the content the structure will change. Updates will occur only as this one is able, and no plan is in mind to perform these updates with any form of regularity. Some documents can be created quickly, others take much time. Regardless, it is hoped that your visit will find your need satisfied. Feedback is welcome, but if this self does not reply immediately, do not be discouraged; he will respond as able.
With warm greetings
14 June 2011