Index to meditations, thoughts, concepts, ideas
An index to a selection of personal meditations, thoughts, concepts and ideas on subjects mostly related to the Bahá’í Faith. As I only sometimes take the time to actually put these in writing, the collection is small.
No claim is made, nor can it ever be made, that these are authoritive; in fact, being of human source, there is a strong likelihood that they are erroneous. They are offered in the hope that better minds, in their study of the Sacred Texts, may find in these something that will trigger a line of beneficial thought.
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Women on the Universal House of Justice
A hypothesis on the reasons why women are ineligible for membership on the Universal House of Justice.
Valley of Unity
A meditation written to Galya regarding the Valley of Unity, the fourth Valley of seven in “The Seven and the Four Valleys” by Bahá’u’lláh.
Time and Memory
A discussion on the relationship between time and memory, focusing on the importance of memory.
The “I am” principle, and health
An excerpt from a letter I wrote, slightly modified in hindsight, with a brief synopsis of the “I am” principle, and, as this letter was written to a healer, a short focus at the end on the health/healing relationship.
Mental Health
Proposes that mental illness is not caused by the chemical imbalances and other reasons put forward by modern medicine, but that these are themselves symptoms of a misalignment of some type between the spirit and the brain. Based on my personal understanding from things said by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá regarding the mind, the soul and the body.
Pen, Fingers, Hand, Will
The result of a question made by a beloved friend in a discussion regarding the Names of God.
A consideration based on three postulates given in the first paragraph
Proofs of the Spirituality of the Human Species
Based on the Bahá’í Texts. It must be understood absolutely, however, that not one word can be treated as authoratative, and should be seen as the thoughts of one individual on the subject, and thus subject to future revision as knowledge and understanding are increased. No quotes are given from the Bahá’í Texts; each person will need to research these Texts themselves to veryfy or discredit these thoughts
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