Index to meditations, thoughts, concepts, ideas
An index to a selection of personal meditations, thoughts, concepts and ideas on subjects mostly related to the Bahá’í Faith. As I only sometimes take the time to actually put these in writing, the collection is small.
No claim is made, nor can it ever be made, that these are authoritive; in fact, being of human source, there is a strong likelihood that they are erroneous. They are offered in the hope that better minds, in their study of the Sacred Texts, may find in these something that will trigger a line of beneficial thought.
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Women on the Universal House of Justice
A hypothesis on the reasons why women are ineligible for membership on the Universal House of Justice.
Valley of Unity
A meditation written to Galya regarding the Valley of Unity, the fourth Valley of seven in “The Seven and the Four Valleys” by Bahá’u’lláh.
Time and Memory
A discussion on the relationship between time and memory, focusing on the importance of memory.
The “I am” principle, and health
An excerpt from a letter I wrote, slightly modified in hindsight, with a brief synopsis of the “I am” principle, and, as this letter was written to a healer, a short focus at the end on the health/healing relationship.
Mental Health
Proposes that mental illness is not caused by the chemical imbalances and other reasons put forward by modern medicine, but that these are themselves symptoms of a misalignment of some type between the spirit and the brain. Based on my personal understanding from things said by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá regarding the mind, the soul and the body.
Pen, Fingers, Hand, Will
The result of a question made by a beloved friend in a discussion regarding the Names of God.
A consideration based on three postulates given in the first paragraph
Warmest greetings
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