The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Key to Passages Translated by Shoghi Effendi
Abbreviations of Sources
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Identification of Passages
1-5“The first duty … O men of insight!” (GWB CLV)
7“Whenever My laws … His decisive decree.” (GWB CLV)
10“We have commanded you to pray and fast … the Generous.” (BC p.40)
16“We have enjoined upon you fasting … a feast.” “The traveler, the ailing … by the Fast …” (BC p. 40)
17“Abstain from food … appointed in the Book.” (BC p. 40)
30“The Lord hath ordained … doth not matter.” “It behoveth them to be the trusted ones … O ye that perceive.” (BA p. 21)
35“O ye servants of the Merciful … idle imaginings.” (SW p. 112)
37“Whoso layeth claim … the All-Wise.” (GWB CLXV)
38-40“Be not dismayed … among the dead.” (GWB LXXI)
43“Lament not in your hours of trial … He Who is aware.” (SW p. 112)
48“Unto every father … compassed the world.” (SW p. 112)
52“O ye Men of Justice … the Faithful.” (SW p. 112)
53-55“Let not your hearts … of the thankful.” (GWB LXXII)
58-59“Beware lest … will testify.” (GWB LXXII)
63“Enter into wedlock … mention of Me …” (UD p. 195)
78-84“O kings of the earth! He Who is the sovereign Lord … his assistance.” (GWB CV)
85“O Emperor of Austria! … luminous Horizon.” (PDC p. 37)
86“Say: O King of Berlin! … them who reflect.” (PDC pp. 36-37)
87“We have asked nothing … O concourse of kings!” (PDC p. 26)
88“Hearken ye, O Rulers of America … the Ordainer, the All-Wise.“ (CF pp. 18-19)
89“O Spot that art situate … the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.” (PDC p. 40)
90“O banks of the Rhine! … conspicuous glory.” (PDC p. 37)
91-93“Let nothing grieve thee … the wondrous Book.” (GWB LVI)
99-104“Say: O leaders of religion … comprehend it.” (GWB XCVII)
105“Whoso interpreteth … the Lucid Book.” (ESW pp. 129-130)
118“The Lord hath granted … bone be quickened.” (SW p. 113)
120“Adorn your heads … the All-Wise.” (SW p. 113)
121“When the ocean of My Presence … Ancient Root.” (WOB p. 134)
122-25“Consider the pettiness … earth and heaven.” (GWB CLIX)
144“Consort with all religions … things are ended.” (SW p. 114)
161-63“Blessed is the man … the Most Bountiful.” (GWB XXXVII)
165“O concourse of divines! When my … strange thing.” (PDC p. 82)
165“We have rent the veils … hereafter ….” (PDC p. 82)
166“Had ye believed … heedless.” (PDC p. 82)
167“This is the Cause … idols to tremble.” (PDC p. 82)
169“O concourse of divines! Beware lest … all signs.” (PDC p. 82)
171“Tear the veils asunder … the negligent.” (PDC p. 82)
173“Happy are ye … crumbling bone.” (SW p. 114)
174“When the Mystic Dove … this mighty Stock.” (WOB p. 134)
181-83“The world’s equilibrium … the Mighty, the Loving.” (GWB LXX)