The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
138Let none, in this Day, hold fast to aught save that which hath been manifested in this Revelation. Such is the decree of God, aforetime and hereafter—a decree wherewith the Scriptures of the Messengers of old have been adorned. Such is the admonition of the Lord, aforetime and hereafter—an admonition wherewith the preamble to the Book of Life hath been embellished, did ye but perceive it. Such is the commandment of the Lord, aforetime and hereafter; beware lest ye choose instead the part of ignominy and abasement. Naught shall avail you in this Day but God, nor is there any refuge to flee to save Him, the Omniscient, the All-Wise. Whoso hath known Me hath known the Goal of all desire, and whoso hath turned unto Me hath turned unto the Object of all adoration. Thus hath it been set forth in the Book, and thus hath it been decreed by God, the Lord of all worlds. To read but one of the verses of My Revelation is better than to peruse the Scriptures of both the former and latter generations. This is the Utterance of the All-Merciful, would that ye had ears to hear! Say: This is the essence of knowledge, did ye but understand.
Appearance of Manifestation of God,   K15, K54, K55, K78, K80, K81, K96, K103, K143, K157, K158, K167, K172, K178, K181-K182-K183, K185-K186, Q106, n23, n24, n62, n75, n107, n128, n143, n160
Day of God,   K80
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Observance of laws of God,   K1-K2, K17, K45, K71, K97, K134, K147, K171
Reading of sacred verses,   K36
Recognition of Bahá’u’lláh, to people of Bayán,   K140-K141, K143, K177, K178, K179
Scriptures,   14, K136, K168, n2, n160, n180
Study Guide
What is the decree of God, “aforetime and hereafter”?
We are to beware of what?
What is “the essence of knowledge”?