The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
103Say: This, verily, is the heaven in which the Mother Book is treasured, could ye but comprehend it. He it is Who hath caused the Rock to shout, and the Burning Bush to lift up its voice, upon the Mount rising above the Holy Land, and proclaim: “The Kingdom is God’s, the sovereign Lord of all, the All-Powerful, the Loving!”
Appearance of Manifestation of God,   K15, K54, K55, K78, K80, K81, K96, K138, K143, K157, K158, K167, K172, K178, K181-K182-K183, K185-K186, Q106, n23, n24, n62, n75, n107, n128, n143, n160
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Mother Book,   1, 13, n129
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Revelation, unity of Manifestations of God,   K80, K175-K176-K177, n111, n160
Study Guide
(See Note 129)
What is the term “Mother Book” generally used to designate?
List the ones given?
What other two concepts has the Guardian used to explain the term “Mother Book”?
Other Related References
Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh
Lawḥ-i-Karmil (Tablet of Carmel),   3