The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
71Take heed lest the world beguile you as it beguiled the people who went before you! Observe ye the statutes and precepts of your Lord, and walk ye in this Way which hath been laid out before you in righteousness and truth. They who eschew iniquity and error, who adhere to virtue, are, in the sight of the one true God, among the choicest of His creatures; their names are extolled by the Concourse of the realms above, and by those who dwell in this Tabernacle which hath been raised in the name of God.
Observance of laws of God,   K1-K2, K17, K45, K62, K97, K134, K138, K147, K171, Q10
Study Guide
What are we asked to take heed of?
What are asked to observe?
Who are the “choicest of His creatures”?