The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
54O peoples of the earth! God, the Eternal Truth, is My witness that streams of fresh and soft-flowing waters have gushed from the rocks through the sweetness of the words uttered by your Lord, the Unconstrained; and still ye slumber. Cast away that which ye possess, and, on the wings of detachment, soar beyond all created things. Thus biddeth you the Lord of creation, the movement of Whose Pen hath revolutionised the soul of mankind.
Appearance of Manifestation of God,   K15, K55, K78, K80, K81, K96, K103, K138, K143, K157, K158, K167, K172, K178, K181-K182-K183, K185-K186, Q106, n23, n24, n62, n75, n107, n128, n143, n160
Bahá’u’lláh, Words of
God,   K55, K167, K169, n180
power and influence,   K3, K136, K167, K169
sweetness,   K3, K4, K179
Detachment,   K178
Human Race
addressed,   K3, K55, K132, 161, n23
condition,   6, K39, K64, K122
life of, revolutionised,   K181, n189
Society, effect of Divine Revelation on,   1-2, K75, K79, K110, K181, n106
Soul, influence of Divine Revelation,   K55, K148
Water,   K29, K50, K80, K135
Study Guide
What are we asked to cast away?
We are asked to soar on the wings of what?
What has revolutionized the soul of mankind?