The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
20We have divided inheritance into seven catagories: to the children, We have allotted nine parts comprising five hundred and forty shares; to the wife, eight parts comprising four hundred and eighty shares; to the father, seven parts comprising four hundred twenty shares; to the mother, six parts comprising three hundred and sixty shares; to the brothers, five parts or three hundred shares; to the sisters, four parts or two hundred and forty shares; and to the teachers, three parts or one hundred and eighty shares. Such was the ordinance of My Forerunner, He Who extolleth My Name in the night season and at the break of day. When We heard the clamor of the children as yet unborn, We doubled their share and decreased those of the rest. He, of truth, hath power to ordain whatsoever He desireth, and He doeth as He pleaseth by virtue of His sovereign might.
Inheritance,   4, 15, Q100, 152-155, n38, n40, n41
allocation of shares and property,   K22, K29, Q5, Q6, Q28, Q33, Q53, Q55, n38, n39, n41
Study Guide
How many categories has the law of inheritance been divided into?
(See Note 38)
When does the Bahá’í law of inheritance apply?
What is every Bahá’í instructed to do?
Does a Bahá’í have full jurisdiction over his property?
What two points does Shoghi Effendi say we are morally and conscientiously bound to always bear in mind when writing a will?
(See Note 40 and Question 33, p. 117)
Why are teachers listed among the heirs in the Law of God?