The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
17These are the ordinances of God that have been set down in the Books and Tablets by His Most Exalted Pen. Hold ye fast unto His statutes and commandments, and be not of those who, following their idle fancies and vain imaginings, have clung to the standards fixed by their own selves, and cast behind their backs the standards laid down by God. Abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sundown, and beware lest desire deprive you of this grace that is appointed in the Book.
Fasting,   K16, 146
conditions, abstinence from food and drink, hours, significance,   Q93, n17, n25, n32
Idle fancies, vanity, vain imaginings,   K35, K37, K41, 159
Laws of God/Bahá’u’lláh,
negligence warned against,   K30, K45, K106, K134, K138, K171, Q105, 159
obedience to, observance of,   K1, K29, K30, K45, K62, K67, K71, K106, K134, K138, K147, K148, K171, Q10, Q105, 159
shun what has been prohibited,   K19
Study Guide
What are we told to hold “fast unto . . . ”
Complete this quotation.
“… be not of those . . . ”
We are to beware of what?
(See Note 32)
In Arabic the verb ‘drink’ applies equally to what?
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