The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
2They whom God hath endued with insight will readily recognise that the precepts laid down by God constitute the highest means for the maintenance of order in the world and the security of its peoples. He that turneth away from them is accounted among the abject and the foolish. We, verily, have commanded you to refuse the dictates of your evil passions and corrupt desires, and not to transgress the bounds which the Pen of the Most High hath fixed, for these are the breath of life unto all created things. The seas of Divine wisdom and Divine utterance have risen under the breath of the breeze of the All-Merciful. Hasten to drink your fill, O men of understanding! They that have violated the Covenant of God by breaking His commandments, and have turned back on their heels, these have erred grievously in the sight of God, the All-Possessing, the Most High.
Body, desires of the flesh,   K58, K64
Desire; corrupt, selfish,   K29, K39, K58, K165
Indulgence of passions,   K64, 160
Laws of God/Bahá’u’lláh
characterised by Him as breath of life,   17
obedience to,   K7, K29, K148
observance of ,   K1, K17, K45, K62, K71, K97, K134, K138, K147, K171
Laws of God/Bahá’u’lláh (cont.)
transgression of forbidden,   K29, K107
true liberty is obedience to,   16, K125
Order in society,   17, K64
Passion(s),   K64
Security,   17
Study Guide
Those who turn away from the precepts laid down by God are accounted as what?
What has Bahá’u’lláh commanded us to refuse the dictates of?
What are we not to transgress?
Who have erred grievously in the sight of God?