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Containing the Texts of the Bahá’í Faith, and the translation of the Qur’án by ‘Abdu’lláh Yúsif ‘Alí. Work is underway to include the Bible. Other Sacred Texts of the world will follow. Content consists of the Texts, the A-Z, the Glossary, Compilations, some audio, the Yúsuf ‘Alí translation of the Qur’án, plus some ancilliary files. Work is slowly progressing to add the volumes of The Bahá’í World. The site is under constant development.
Selecting the button marked “Main” on the first page of each volume will return you to the list of volumes by that author. Thus, you will not return to this page during your visit.
Coloured text within a Document is a link, the colour according to the destination, in a generally consistent manner - the exceptions are slowly being standardised to these colours. There are two basic types - internal to the document and external to the document, as follows:
link to the Glossary : (external)
link to a Volume : (external)
link to an Acronym : (external)
link to the Arabic & Fársí transcription list & glossary for Bahá’ís (external)
link to an external website
for a Crosslink : (internal)
Textual content for the Bahá’í Texts is in general from the soft-copies available from the Bahá’í Reference Library, and as such are the same in content with those documents. Small exceptions to the content of these soft-copies do occur, and these, plus any other relevant notes for that document, are noted via the link ‘More Information’. Formatting is as per the dead-tree copy in general. There are a number of compilations which do not appear at the Bahá’í Reference Library however, it should be noted.