The Kitáb-i-Aqdas : The Most Holy Book
Synopsis and Codification
d.Marriage is conditioned on the consent of both parties and their parents, whether the woman be a maiden or not.
e.It is incumbent upon both parties to recite a specifically revealed verse indicating their being content with the will of God.
f.Marriage with one’s stepmother is forbidden.
g.All matters related to marriage with one’s kindred are to be referred to the House of Justice.
h.Marriage with unbelievers is permitted.
i.The period of engagement must not exceed 95 days.
ii.It is unlawful to become engaged to a girl before she reaches the age of maturity.
j.The Dowry:
i.Marriage is conditioned on payment of a dowry.
ii.The dowry is fixed at 19 mithqáls of pure gold for city-dwellers, and 19 mithqáls of silver for village-dwellers, depending on the permanent residence of the husband, and not of the wife.
iii.It is forbidden to pay more than 95 mithqáls.
iv.It is preferable that a man content himself with the payment of 19 mithqáls of silver.
v.If the full payment of dowry is