The Kitáb-i-Aqdas
Synopsis and Codification
d.Turning to the Qiblih is mandatory while reciting the Obligatory Prayers.
3.The Obligatory Prayers are binding on men and women on attaining the age of maturity, which is fixed at 15.
4.Exemption from offering the Obligatory Prayers is granted to:
a.Those who are ill.
b.Those who are over 70.
c.Women in their courses provided they perform their ablutions and repeat a specifically revealed verse 95 times a day.
5.The Obligatory Prayers should be offered individually.
6.The choice of one of the three Obligatory Prayers is permissible.
7.By “morning”, “noon” and “evening”, mentioned in connection with the Obligatory Prayers, is meant respectively the intervals between sunrise and noon, between noon and sunset, and from sunset till two hours after sunset.
8.The recital of the first (long) Obligatory Prayer, once in twenty-four hours is sufficient.
9.It is preferable to offer the third (short) Obligatory Prayer while standing.
a.Ablutions must precede the recital of the Obligatory Prayers.
b.For every Obligatory Prayer fresh ablutions must be performed.