The Bahá’í World
Volume 1 : 1925-1926
of 1925, inviting all the Bahá’ís of this country and Canada to meet with us on this beautiful and consecrated ground. This Congress of 1925 if carried forward in unity, harmony and love will stand out as a Beacon Light in the annals of the Bahá’í Cause in this country in general, and of Green Acre in particular.”
But that which furnished the dynamic for action was the instruction of Shoghi Effendi, Guardian of the Bahá’í Cause which was received in 1924 and contained these stirring words:
“I was delighted to hear of the progressive activities of that dearly beloved spot, Green Acre, upon which the Master has bestowed His tender care and loving kindness, and of which we are all hopeful that it may become, whilst the work of the Mashriqu’l-Adhkár is in progress, the Focal Center of the devotional, humanitarian, social and spiritual activities of the Cause.”
Thus it was that the friends voted to hold the Bahá’í Convention and Congress of 1925 in Green Acre the first week in July, providing this action received the approval of Shoghi Effendi. All who have read the preceding numbers of the Star of the West know that this sanction was received in due time, and that the Convention and Congress held this year brought many new faces to Green Acre, and it already stands out as a “beacon light” in the path of progress.
Now once again we have just had another Annual Fellowship meeting held at the Green Acre Inn on August 10th.
Mr. Wm. H. Randall, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Green Acre, in his opening address, spoke with deep feeling, with sincerity, with love and with a tenderness which touched all hearts. Among other things he said:
“All of life seems to follow definite stages: the infant period, that of adolescence, and again the period of maturity. Miss Farmer was the great loving mother who brought into being a child—Green Acre—and with love and tender care she carried it forward, rearing the foundation for the future work. When she was unable to continue, the care of Green Acre passed into the hands of the Fellowship and a number of Trustees, and for some ten or twelve years the affairs of Green Acre have been conducted along this line, until now it has come to another stage of its growth, it has come to its maturity. . . . Green Acre has survived and grown through its spirit of unity and and service, and through its spirit of love. . . . I think now that Green Acre is approaching another period of its growth; it must be apparent to all that new life is coming to this center and is bringing to it a vision of new resources and of great growth. Therefore we should be ready to take this next step forward in the life of Green Acre. . . . We grow by uniting ourselvs to the larger needs. Man progresses from one level of consciousness to another, and as growth toward the higher consciousness comes, he sees the higher world, and that this vision unfolds before him the plan of God. And so Green Acre must pass, in spirit anyway, from a center in itself to a greater center, and go forward in the unity of its own greater work. I feel therefore that we are going to have a marvelous meeting, that we have gathered here with nothing but unity in our minds, and the desire and purpose of our heart is to unite the past with the interests of the larger and greater Green Acre, that in time to come we may be so proud to be members of this Fellowship that it will be our summer happiness to unite here each year, contributing