Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas
Volume I
the attributes of the heavenly angels, cleansed from all desires and earthly wishes, with thy heart severed from all save the knowledge of the divine teachings. Verily, I pray God to nourish thee upon the breast of bounty and rear thee in such a manner that all men of learning shall be amazed, and to make thee a miracle of guidance among the servants.
O thou who art attracted to God!
I send this letter written by my own hand, that thou mayest thank God, thy Lord, the Supreme, grow in happiness in the love of God and be kindled by the fire of His love, chanting verses of greetings and thanks, and be quickened by the breezes of life blown from the garden of the knowledge of God.
O thou opened rose in the garden of El-ABHA!
I have perused thy excellently worded letter showing what is moving in thy heart by the emotions of the love of God.
O maid-servant of God! Chant the Words of God and, pondering over their meaning, transform them into actions! I ask God to cause thee to attain a high station in the Kingdom of Life forever and ever.
O thou who art tested with a great calamity!
Be not grieved nor troubled because of the loss which hath befallen thee—a loss which caused the tears to flow, sighs to be produced, sorrow to exist and hearts to burn in great agony; but know, this hath reference only to the physical body, and if thou considerest this matter with a discerning and intelligent eye, thou wilt