Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas
Volume III
that thou art meek and humble and directed to the Kingdom of God and looking to God. I ask God that, day by day, thou mayest become more illumined and more spiritual.”
Be in sympathy with ......... and in the utmost of kindness. Close thine eyes to shortcomings and live according to the divine teachings. I hope that the breath of life may penetrate them. Thank God that in the world of vision thou art witnessing great signs.
In great tenderness blow the breath of life into ......... and ......... and call them to God. Perchance, through divine bounty and providence, their hearts may become radiant and illumined and may remain firm and steadfast through trials.
To be far in body is of no account. To be near in spirit is essential. Seek that from God. When thou hast attained that, thou art always with me.
O thou ignited candle!
The real light is the light of the love o God. Praise be to God! thy face is illumined by the radiance of the divine love and thy nostrils are perfumed through the fragrances of the garden of the Kingdom of Abha, and thou art engaged, night and day, in service in this divine garden and art spreading the Tablets of Abdul-Baha. Wherefore, thank thou God that thou art assisted to such a service.
O thou who art gazing toward the Kingdom!
Thy letter was received. its contents became known. Thank thou God that thy house became the shelter and