Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas
Volume III
selfishness, separate thyself from the world and cling thoroughly to the Most Supreme Kingdom.
Give my salutations to Mrs. ......... and to the maid-servant of God, ........., and say to them that “God hath chosen His pure, devout and good maid-servants to turn their faces to Him and to become attracted by His fragrances in this new and wonderful day.”
O thou son of the Kingdom!
Thy sweet letters with their interesting contents are always conducive to the joy of the hearts. They are like unto the melodies of the nightingale which imparteth exultation to soul and mind. Thank thou God! that thou hast gone to those parts1 for the purpose of spreading the Word of God and diffusing the holy fragrances of the Kingdom of God and that thou art a gardener in the divine orchard. Ere long, confirmation and assistance shall environ thee.
O thou son of the Kingdom! If one possesses the love of God, everything that he undertakes is useful, but if the undertaking is without the love of God, then it is hurtful and the cause fo veiling one’s self from the Lord of the Kingdom. But with the love of God every bitterness is changed into sweetness and every gift becometh precious. For instance, a musical and melodious voice imparteth life to an attracted heart but lureth toward lust those souls who are engulfed in passion and desire.
With the love of God all sciences are accepted and beloved, but without it, are fruitless; nay, rather the
1 Germany.