Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas
Volume III
gift for a seeker is to become familiar with the object of his longing; that is why with every soul who is attracted to the Kingdom of God, his greatest hope is to find an opportunity to entreat and supplicate before his Beloved, appeal for His mercy and grace and be immersed in the ocean of His utterance, goodness and generosity.
Beside all this, prayer and fasting is the cause of awakening and mindfulness and conducive to protection and preservation from tests. The obligatory prayer is revealed from the Supreme Pen and is translated in America. Ask for it from the believers and use it.
O thou beloved maid-servant of God!
Thank thou God that thou art directed to the Light of Guidance and ushered into the Kingdom of the Love of God, became the recipient of the inexhaustible bounties and that thou hast a son like ........., who is the servant in the Threshold of God and is one of the sons of the Kingdom of the Merciful.
God hath accomplished His gift in thee; thou must be happy and thankful and hopeful for the favor of the True one.
O thou who art longing for the Kingdom!
Mr. ......... in thy behalf hath made a great endeavor. Thou shouldst be eternally grateful to him and thank him, for he hath guided thee to the Kingdom, led thee to life eternal and set upon thy brow a crown whose brilliant gems shall illumine the world of existence. That crown is the Divine Guidance. Thousands