Foundations of World Unity
Selection Foundations
Excerpts from
Foundations of World Unity
in pamphlet format.
These documents, and those under the title of “A Brief Selection” have been developed in the pursuit of a personal teaching goal - to have a stall at the markets held in my neighbourhood once each month. In considering the needs of such a stall, it was realised that it may be beneficial to have on hand various brochures which each focussed on a topic, and attempted to give an overview through a brief number of quotes. Brochures of the nature which this self sought not being available, he developed his own.
As these documents may be of use to others in their teaching efforts, they have been made available here in .pdf format. Once downloaded, simply print them each double-sided, fold, and they are ready for use. Note that when printing, if the left and right margins appear cut off, then printing may need to be set to borderless.
Some of the topics covered in “Foundations of World Unity” are simply too long to be made into pamphlet-style documents. These are indicated below in this colour, and when the mouse hovers become this colour. Selecting these links will take you away from this page to the HTML version of the topic in the presentation of the full volume. All other documents below are in pamphlet form and link to the pdf document.
Please contact me if you would be interested in translating these documents and this page for non-English speaking peoples.
The Cause of Strife
Continuity of Revelation
The Criterions of Truth
The Darkened Lights
The Dawn of Peace
Divine Love
Eternal Unity
The Foundation of Religion
Foundations of World Unity
See “Among the Teachings of Bahá’u’lláh”
The Holy Spirit
The Law of God
Man and Nature
The Microcosm and
the Macrocosm

The Need of Divine Education
The Prophets and War
The Question of Socialisation
The Quickening Spirit
Racial Harmony
Essential and Non-Essential

Religion Renewed
The Source of Reality
The Spirit of Justice
Spiritual Springtime
The True Modernism
The Universal Cycles
Universal Peace
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21 November 2013 Reformatted all documents to correct for problems in folding pamphlet.
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